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Southeast Q3 Dedicated Doers


Southeast Q3 Dedicated Doers

We want to give a special shout-out to 2022's Q3 "Dedicated Doers"— professionals here in the Huttig® southeast region who are always committed to providing the best for our customers each and every day.

RW Roberts Inside Sales Rep | Central Florida | 24 years

RW has been a rock-solid performer for Huttig throughout his career. His work ethic, performance and reliability have made him a trusted resource for many of our customers and his co-workers. We are thankful for his contributions to our team and appreciate his consistent production.

Tom Dempsey Senior Buyer | Wilkes-Barre & Lancaster | 26 years

Tom is an integral part of our team and has met many challenges throughout the year. Tom recently took ownership of purchasing our lumber items, along with some challenges on our tally system. His great communication and support show his dedication to the sales team. In return, we can offer a great customer experience. Tom always jumps in, often without needing to be asked. Tom demonstrates "The Team Effort." We are very proud to have Tom Dempsey as part of the Wilkes-Barre and Lancaster team.

Ann Payne Operations Manager | Wilkes-Barre | 5 years

An integral part of our team, Ann has met many challenges throughout the year. Ann is in operations, but she shows dedication to the sales process. Ann always contributes, whether it’s building loads when we’re shorthanded or strategically making deliveries efficient so we may service more of our customers. She also maintains inventory count cycles and has them on-hand for the sales team. Ann demonstrates the idea that "Everyone is in Sales." We are very proud to have Ann Payne aboard at the Wilkes-Barre location.

Earnest Brown Driver | Jackson | 20+ years

Earnest is a class act individual who has the trust of all our customers. He is professional and extremely reliable. Earnest goes the extra distance and is a fan favorite of the customers he delivers to. They call the office and speak highly of him and what he does for them on a routine basis.

Melissa Carter Office Manager and Safety Coordinator | Jacksonville | 22 years

Melissa started her career in 1999 and she has consistently gone above and beyond her job responsibilities in both her admin duties and as safety coordinator. With her leadership, Huttig Jacksonville has had no recordable work-related injury since 2015. Melissa demonstrates a positive attitude and, because she has so much experience, everyone depends on her. Customers have even called the office to compliment her. Melissa is a true asset, not only to team Florida, but to the company. We are very proud to have Melissa on our team. Job well done!

Steven Scott Outside Sales Rep | Rocky Mount | 29 years

Steven has worked in several positions with Huttig, but now he manages a large geographic territory and has done an excellent job of growing our business. Steven’s commitment to the team is one of his strongest attributes. He always jumps in to help wherever he is needed, often without being asked. Recently, Rocky Mount had its annual customer event in Outer Banks, NC. Everyone worked extremely hard and the event was a huge success. Steven went way above, from driving a box truck to the event to making sure set-up and tear down was accomplished on time. He delivered the fish ‘catch’ to and from the processor. We could not have done this without him. THANK YOU, STEVEN!

Ryan Melton Exterior Specials Department | Greenville | 7 years

Ryan has become one of Huttig Greenville’s top multiple assemblers. He has outstanding attendance and on-time record. Ryan goes above and beyond to get the E-2 shop caught up and on-track with production schedules. Great job, Ryan!

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