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South Region Q1 2023 Dedicated Doers


South Region Q1 2023 Dedicated Doers

We want to give a special shout-out to 2023's Q1 "Dedicated Doers"— professionals here in the Woodgrain southeast region who are always committed to providing the best for our customers each and every day.


Gary Foster Warehouse Lead | Davenport | 25 years

Gary has worked with us for almost 25 years—as Lead for most of that time—and in all departments (Loading, Picking and Receiving). Gary always has a positive, "can do" attitude and is always willing to share his knowledge or help another teammate. During the last couple of months, we prepared for and went through the Therma-Tru hybrid conversion, which included taking in around 60 trailer loads of hybrid product, including slabs, components, and 12 containers of jambs. Gary oversaw unloading and keeping all materials separated and organized until we were prepared to start the conversion. Once we started the conversion, Gary again stepped up and was a huge part of the process. We were able to accomplish the conversion while operating our business and with very little impact to our customers. This, along with everything else Gary does daily, makes it very easy to see why Gary has been chosen. Thank you for everything you do for our team, Gary.


Scott Garmin Inside Sales Lead | Ft. Myers | 2 years

Scott’s consistency and dedication to customer service is top notch. We get numerous customer comments about his good service and follow through. He is always willing to do what needs to be done to make sure our customers have a good experience when dealing with Woodgrain. He is always hammering the phones to help customers and teammates. Whether it’s fastener items or doors, Scott steps up to the challenge and finds the answers. He always has a positive and helpful attitude. Proud to have him on our team.


Cleevens Casimir Forklift Operator | Atlanta | 10 months

In Q1, Cleevens stepped up during short staffing periods and helped train new hires, as well as managing the replenishments of multiple aisles while we were backfilling positions. Due to his leadership, commitment and consistency delivering results, Cleevens was recently promoted into a lead role, overseeing our BFS reload and offsite location needs. Within two weeks of taking on his new role, Cleevens took the initiative to re-organize the layout of the offsite warehouse by moving all like items together, which helped reduce the number of re-warehousing hours and the probability of damaged goods. Cleevens has also maintained a clean attendance record for the entirety of Q1. Proud to have Cleevens on our team! Congrats!


Kevin Richardson Interior Door Shop/Assembler II Interior Shops | Rocky Mount | 21 years

Kevin is extremely dependable and can be counted on. He contributes to various roles in the interior door production department. Kevin is very valuable in final quality checks at the end of the production line. Our customers are very complimentary of our interior doors’ quality -- which is largely due to Kevin’s attention to detail and concern for taking care of our customers.


Curtis Johnson Loading Supervisor | Titusville | 37 years

Curtis has been with the company, first with Brown Moulding and now Woodgrain, for 37 years. He is our Loading Supervisor and performs at a very high level every single day. Curtis never seems to have a bad day, even if late changes are made. He adapts and gets the job done. He is very safety conscious, correcting any issues he sees and advises us on anything that he isn’t quite sure how to fix himself. He is very highly respected by everyone and treats everyone with respect all the time. I wish I could point to one thing he has done that was above and beyond the call of duty, but he rises to that level each day and doesn’t look for any attention for it. He’s an ideal team member here in Titusville and a great role model for other teammates.


Kyle Braswell Truck Driver | Rocky Mount | 22 years

Kyle is one of our most experienced drivers, who gets numerous compliments from our customers. He works hard to give feedback to shipping and production on any product issues he encounters on his stops. Kyle is a tremendous asset to the branch.


Rob Roser Huttig-Grip Warehouse Lead | Greenville| 8 years

Rob joined Huttig/Woodgrain in October 2015. He took on the Huttig-Grip initiative with a very positive attitude and has handled HG Warehousing, Re-Packing, Receiving and Loading since 2017. Rob is not afraid of new challenges and is always on the lookout for additional tasks and responsibilities. He handles much of the program on his own at a separate warehouse, one mile from our main branch, and makes sure our customers receive clean well-packaged material. He is meticulous about keeping the HG warehouse clean and organized, as well as making sure locations are current and correct. Great job, Rob!


Please join us in congratulating the southeast region’s 2023 Q1 "Dedicated Doers." We are incredibly grateful for their continued hard work and dedication!

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