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Congratulations to Selene Byron


Congratulations to Selene Byron

Congratulations to Selene Byron, Maibec Product Specialist and Regional Marketing Manager, who was recognized by the NRLA as a Rising Woman in the LBM industry in the September 2022 Lumber Co-Operator.  


Q: Is there a woman in the industry who has left a positive impact or impression on you and how has she done so?

A: To the women who have been in this industry their entire careers, I listen to their history and advice and soak it up like a sponge. To my female peers, there is a comfort and camaraderie in getting together and talking lumber biz outside of the presence of men. To the younger generation rising in the ranks: there is so much opportunity for strong, smart women in this business—I applaud their confidence and tenacity. ALL generations of women in this business make a positive impact!


Q: What advice would you give to women entering the LBM workforce?

A: Have a strong backbone and some grit. Ask questions. Wear your confidence. Be honest. Have integrity. Work hard and exceed expectations. That’s my advice for anyone in any industry.


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