With Therma-Tru®’s EnLiten Flush-Glazed Designs, you can offer your customers more. Taking flush-glazed to the next level, Therma-Tru has come up with the perfect solution that will fit virtually any of today’s homeowners’ needs—whether it be aesthetics, versatility or durability related. 

The simple beauty of the flush-glazed designs from Therma-Tru feature clean lines and seamless construction, creating a sleek look homeowners want and the stylish solutions they need. With the wider visible glass area, your customers will feel at home with an airy style that lets in larger amounts of daylight throughout the home. 

These flush-glazed designs are not just simply for a patio anymore. With endless possibilities and a number of striking profiles, these doors offer stylish around-the-home solutions that effortlessly combine  indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Durable by design, the flush-glazed doors are offered in both double- and triple-pane glass and are built directly into the door. The high-performance dual adhesive weather seal reduces the potential for air and water infiltration, providing a superior barrier against the elements. 

Offer your customers designs that are flush with features, contact your Huttig® rep today! 

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Articles in | June 01, 2018