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Filings & Reports

SEC Filings

Documentation regarding Huttig Building Products' SEC filings is public domain and available for review by clicking on the desired record below.

For documents not listed here, contact us through our Request Information page.

XBRL Q3'16 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'16 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q1'16 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q3'15 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'15 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q1'15 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q3'14 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'14 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q1'14 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q3'13 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'13 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q1'13 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q3'12 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'12 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q1'12 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q3'11 Form 10-Q
XBRL Q2'11 Form 10-Q

Annual Reports

For more than 130 years, Huttig has worked to provide quality products and valuable services for our customers, as well as a positive opportunity for our investors. Our annual reports highlight our performance since 2005; you may request earlier reports here.

XBRL 2016 Annual Report
XBRL 2015 Annual Report
XBRL 2014 Annual Report
XBRL 2013 Annual Report
XBRL 2012 Annual Report
XBRL 2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report

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