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Endocote Stain Finishing System

Easy for You to Finish It Right from the Start

The Endocote Finishing System from Huttig® features some of the most advanced technology in fiberglass finishing systems. Designed exclusively for Therma-Tru® fiberglass doors, it takes performance to the next level, adding low-maintenance, lasting beauty and superior durability.

Each door is factory finished in a controlled environment by Huttig's trained technicians, ensuring a consistent finish every time and providing your customers with an outstanding value for the entry system they choose.

We utilize a simple, three-step process for consistency and performance:

  1. Inspection: Our painted doors are carefully inspected and prepared to ensure a perfect base on which we begin the process.
  2. Paint Application: The paint finish is applied with a high volume-low pressure providing a finer, smoother, more even application of color.
  3. Oven-Cured: The door is then oven-cured for durability and a long-lasting finish. This process creates discernibly truer, richer hues that bring a new dimension of beauty to your customers' doors.

At Huttig, we make it Easy for You to offer your customers the quality they want and the services they need.

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